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Beware of these dubious sales tactics

  1. Every agent will, of course, tell you they are the best but don’t take their claims at face value – check out independent reviews from past customers instead. You can see ours here!
  2. Some less scrupulous agents may cynically try to win your business by overvaluing your home (intending to talk you into a price reduction later) so it’s important to remember that a valuation is not an offer. An agent should be able to provide evidence to justify their valuation and if they cannot, be sceptical!
  3. All too often agents make great play of aspects of their service that you would expect them to provide as standard – a website, advertising on property portals and in local press, for instance. But ask what extra aspects of service do they actually offer?
  4. Be sceptical about agents who try to secure your instruction saying they have “a specific buyer in mind”. Even if this happens to be true, if they are acting in your best interests, the agent should still explore the whole marketplace to ensure the best price is achieved.
  5. When comparing agency fees, don’t forget to add on VAT as this will almost certainly be chargeable – even if the agent fails to mention it.
  6. Beware the agent who is vague about their fees or terms of business to avoid nasty surprises.
  7. Equally, be wary of an agent who negotiates too readily over their commission – after all, if they are that relaxed about giving their own money away, what will they be like when negotiating with yours?
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